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712 Corbett Road  Monkton, MD 21111


[email protected]

Mrs. Dellone, Principal
Mrs. Dellone

[email protected]

Mrs. Davenport, Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Mr. Parsons, Assistant Principal
Mr. Parsons

HMS Counselors
hms counselors
L to R, Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Kongkraphun

[email protected]

Mrs. Richardson, 8th grade

[email protected]

Mrs. Kongkraphun, 6th grade

[email protected]

Mrs. Shields, 7th grade

 [email protected] Mrs. Terri Francis 
 https://twitter.com/HMSCounselors  HMS Counselors Twitter

Other Essential


Special Education Dept

 [email protected]  Tiffany Walker Porta Burrows
(Mrs. Burrows)
IEP Chair
 [email protected]  Mrs. Pam Kernan
School Nurse
 [email protected]  Mrs. Patty Nicholas
Cafeteria Manager
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