Physical Education

Physical Education at Hereford Middle School


Students will participate in a wide array of sports and activities, designed to meet specific BCPS learning outcomes, and have students understand the importance of fitness for their lifetime. Students will participate in three week units and will be assessed in three categories: psychomotor, affective, and cognitive. These assessments will take place in each unit a student participates in.


 Each teacher has their yearly plan set and can answer questions about how each unit aligns to the BCPS outcomes and the National Standards. Teachers will put important information regarding current and upcoming units on their Schoology class pages. This includes information about upcoming assessments and class handbooks. Every teachers will update their gradebook at least every other week. Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s teacher with any questions or concerns.

Matt Simms – [email protected]

Betsy Zinkand – [email protected]

James Lewis – [email protected]

Mackenzie Borgmann [email protected]

Additional Information:

**For further information regarding grading policy, uniforms, and lockers, please refer to the Physical Education Handbook that has been posted to each teacher’s Schoology page. An acknowledgement form for these class policies and rules must be signed and returned to your student’s Physical Education teacher.

Grade 6 Outcomes
 Grade 7 Outcomes
 Grade 8 Outcomes
 National Standards for Physical Education

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PLAY60 !
download form- and Get Active!
The NFL PLAY 60 Challenge is back again this year. It is the NFL’s way of getting our students moving and active for 60 minutes a day for the month of October.

You will find the attached sheets, one informational and the other to record your activity. Last year we had a student selected to attend a luncheon with Raven players and this year, we had a student recognized on the field before the start of the game against Oakland.

If you are participating this year, please bring your forms to Mr. Simms during homeroom each Friday this month.