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We meet every morning from 7:15 (or when you get in from your bus) until the show is over (about 7:50).
NEW! We also will meet every third Wednesday after school until 3:15.
Schedule will be released soon.

 Morning News TV produces the show for the school every morning

Check out our show, posted daily on our school channel at
Morning News Show

New students are recruited 3 times a year for 12 week internships.
Depending on the number of students in the club, crews are formed and rotated in weekly so that all can participate.

After school we will learn about editing and producing video projects.
Projects will serve the school and may include bcpsone tutorials, anti-bully messages, other public service announcements.

Also> check out our WHMS Youtube site. This is where we compile the video playlists that we play before the morning news.

WHMS youtube
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Mrs. Schanberger

Mr. Putnam [email protected]