summer reading

Summer Reading 2019

Hereford Middle School

June 1, 2019- October 1, 2019

The Summer Reading Program at Hereford Middle School is designed to allow students opportunities for choice.  We allow students to choose from multiple text options and to choose from a variety of activities. These activities will help students review skills taught during the 2018-2019 academic year so they are better prepared for the new year.

We require students who participate to read TWO books and complete a minimum of TWO activities PER BOOK.  Each year we encourage students to choose ONE text from the Black Eyed Susan Book List.  The second title can be a book from that list or a new book that is appropriate for their grade level.

Black eyed Susan book list

PARENT NOTE:  WE encourage parents to select a book with their child to read this summer.  Some books have content or themes that are not suitable for all audiences.  Please be involved in the book choices.  We have offered multiple text choices, so if you think one text isn’t a “great fit” for your child, feel free to substitute another option.

The “Strive for 25” suggested book list has been uploaded with multiple, high quality texts from which to choose. Other Middle School text options have been linked as well. Parents and students can select a book for their reading abilities, interests, etc. from these lists or make a different age appropriate selection.

After completing the reading, students can go to the Hereford Middle School website.  The Summer Reading section has documents for each grade level. 

Grade 6          Grade 7       Grade 8       

Student activities review skills learned in the 2018-2019 academic school year.  This refresher will be beneficial for all students who choose to participate.  Once you are in the site, you can examine the packet directions and the 9 different options for responses. This year we are recommending that all students PRINT HARD COPIES of the activity packet.

Students read TWO books

complete FOUR skill review activities

and submit the hard copies to the 2019-2020 Language Arts teacher by October 1.

Students have between June 1 and October 1 to complete their Summer Reading work. 

After October 1, 2019 no new student work will be accepted.

Any questions or problems should be directed to:

Happy Reading!

Kathryn A. Steinwedel

Hereford Middle School Language Arts Department Chair