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Parents -
1. create your 'mybcps' account
2. with the student verification code from HMS, link your account to your child.
*repeat step two for each additional child

BCPS resource page >   CLICK here

Direct link to video instructions on how to set up your 'mybcps' account

Resources to support parents with getting started with Schoology are located on the Learn More About Schoology page, accessible through BCPS One:  https://bcpsone.bcps.org/support/learn_about_schoology.aspx  This page contains tons of great resources to help parents.  There are quick video tutorials as well as PDF handouts that can be used as you help parents get started with Schoology.    -updated 9/11/18

BCPS One Parent Updates
As part of Baltimore County Public Schools' (BCPS) continuous improvement process, security enhancements are being made to BCPS ONE (https://bcpsone.bcps.org) that will increase the protection of student information.  Click below for more information

BCPSone - parent accounts >>
 Parents/guardians who have never accessed BCPS One should create a myBCPS account
and add a student(s) by using these instructions.

Also, returning parents, if your account is no longer accessible, 
see directions here
 add a student(s) by using these instructions*

*Effective July 31, 2017, in order to access student information in BCPS One, a student contact:
 Must have a valid email address set up with the school

NEW! - Parents Resource video UPDATES and Changes to BCPSone