Instructor:  Mrs. Kristyn Cales    email:

Courses for grades 6, 7 and 8
Courses are every other day, for 1 quarter

In Agriscience 6, Natural Resources, students define what AgriScience is, investigate resources from a scientific approach, study sustainable agriculture, and career connections. Students simulate natural disasters to study their impact on both the environment and humans.

In Agriscience 7, students will be introduced to the farm to table process. As future consumers, it is important that students develop a better understanding of where their food, fibers, and fuels come from. Students explore topics such as Agricultural Mechanics, Crop Selection and Production, and Animal Selection and Production.

In Agriscience 8, students will be introduced to a variety of topics. Students will explore the Floral Industry both from a design and management view point. Students will then move onto Agribusiness in which they learn different components related to owning and operating a successful business. They will be exposed to marketing styles, management strategies, and even have the opportunity to create their own business!

Department Chair:  Mr. Christopher Putnam, email:  [email protected]