BCPS laptop Info Page

Hereford MS Laptop Information page- 

Student Device Collection information - 

June 8    - 8th grade 
June 11  - 7th grade
June 12  - 6th grade 

Students will turn in laptop/bag/strap/cord.
If any item is missing, fees will be collected
Bag   $18
Strap $1
Charge cord  $20

If the item cannot be located, make checks payable to 'Hereford Middle School' 

 All HMS students will be receiving a laptop to use for the 2017-18 school year.
We plan to pass out laptops as soon as the 2nd week of school.

Before a student can receive the BCPS laptop, the following must be done:

1. Grade 6, 7, and 8 parents ALL must sign an annual agreement.
Your child will be given the agreement to bring home on September 5th.
Please sign and have your child return to school as soon as possible.
Do not take the agreement apart.  Your child will receive the yellow duplicate when getting her/his laptop.

2. BCPS Laptop Presentation-
 Grade 6 and Grade 8 parents & parents of new to HMS students must view the 10 minute BCPS presentation.

Watch the presentation online and acknowledge viewing it electronically.
see below
AFTER watching the presentation, please come back to this page and click below at the appropriate grade level to access the google form and record that you viewed.  Thanks!!!

 After viewing the video,  you must click below and fill out the form
so that we know you viewed the presentation.

clickHERE >> 6th Grade Acknowledgement
clickHERE >>   7th Grade Acknowledgement
clickHERE >>   8th Grade Acknowledgement

If you would rather watch the presentation at school, 
 below is the schedule for the 10 minute presentation at Hereford MS:

click here to view>> DEVICE ORIENTATION VIDEO
Video presentation is 10 minutes.

BCPS Student device orientation handout > clickHERE

Wednesday, Aug 30
 ’early entry day' 8:15am, 11:15am, or 5:00pm- cafeteria

Wednesday, Sept 6
 ‘6th gr back to school night’ 5pm- cafeteria

Thursday, Sept 7
8:15am, 3pm, 6pm- cafeteria

Wednesday, Sept 13
 ‘7th gr back to school night’ 5pm -cafeteria

More information about this initiative can be found at

Please remember that parents of 6th grade, 8th grade, and new students need to watch the device orientation video, acknowledge (electronically) that it has been viewed, and sign the device agreement in the school office or at the device presentations.
The video and device orientation acknowledgement (by grade) are below.

Any questions, contact Christopher Putnam at